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Insulin Pump Therapy


We Offer Insulin Pump Therapy


What is it?


      A insulin pump is a  automatic injector that shoots a needle into the skin.  Jet injectors that sends insulin through the skin by means of a fine jet blast, and infusers that employ a catheter that stays in place for two or three days. making insulin administration more precise and convenient.

How big is it?

     It is smaller than the size of most cell phones,   This programmable device dispenses insulin through a catheter at a steady rate according to the body’s daily needs,

Can it benefit me?

     A insulin pump can be beneficial to persons with a active life style, those who have frequent low blood glucose reactions or perhaps women planning for pregnancy.  Whether or not to use a pump is a personal decision it comes down to your preference. Choosing one method over the other is a decision that should be made by you with the assistance of your healthcare provider.

Michelle Burgos

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