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Thyroid Biopsy

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Thyroid Biopsy


What is it?


     Nodules are very common in the thyroid, which is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck. When you get a thyroid biopsy, your doctor will take a little bit of your thyroid or lumps known as nodules growing on it to test in a lab.

Why would a biopsy be needed?

     Your doctor will likely want to check on any nodule bigger than about 1 centimeter (about half an inch), especially if imaging shows that the nodule is solid, has calcium on it, and doesn’t have clear borders around it.


     You might also get a biopsy without a nodule if you’re in a lot of pain and your thyroid is growing quickly.

     For your convenience Sugarland Endocrine and Thyroid provides thyroid biopsy's right in office.

Michelle Burgos

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